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Mindful food businesses

Our vision is a world where food choices are by default healthier and more sustainable.

Food businesses are key to achieve this big goal. So we have set ourselves on a mission to support food businesses that have sustainable goals, like:

  • reducing food waste
  • lowering greenhouse emissions through choices on energy use, food types, etc.
  • support local and regenerative farmers
  • helping the vulnerable through employment or skill building
  • and some other good initiatives

Show ethical customers what you stand for

Eatups guide makes it easier for the growing number of ethical consumers to find cafes or restaurants that match their values. Customers can recommend your business for one or more of our mindful categories. The more categories you get vouched for, the easier it will be for new ethical foodies to find you through our guide.

We get our reviews from customers and that helps us discover new mindful places, but we also go through a process of verification to make sure that our guide supports businesses that authentically apply to each vouched category. In contrast to most other food guides out there, eatups is driven by quality, not quantity. But in this very complex food system there's always room for improvement, and we also want to help you and every food business in their journey towards sustainability. We are also in the process of adding traceable information about your sustainable efforts, so that consumers know exactly what does it mean, in your particular case, to tick a sustainable category. If you're interested in pioneering this, please get in touch.

Being recommended as a mindful business in our guide will give credibility to your efforts and increase your return on sustainable investment. We believe that as a food businesses caring for society and our planet, you deserve extra attention and rewards for your efforts.

If you own or know a mindful food business, we'd love to chat

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