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While we're cooking the app, you can still discover and support amazing food businesses that serve delicious food while making our world a better place.

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Become a mindful eatups explorer

Become a food hero and share your discoveries of sustainable cafes or restaurants!

Simply make a post on social media where you mention the place and tag @mindfuleatups on it.

Adding related tags is very helpful, like:

#promotesreusables #feedsmeplants #supportscommunities #socialgood #minimisesfoodwaste

After our group of explorers add recommendations, we grab our Sherlock hat and do our bit of research. Businesses that are willing to show transparency about their true efforts will go through our verification process, so you can see which businesses are authentically doing things to be truly good. An eatups verification gives you peace of mind when choosing where to eat. Every effort counts, and we offer transparency about those efforts.

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