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#mindfuleatups is a community and a food guide that encourages businesses and foodies to make more sustainable choices.

And what is mindful eating?

Mindful eating, for us, means simply being aware of what is behind the food we consume – and discard. And of the impact our food choices have on the environment, our health, society, and even on our wallets. We also want to know what does mindful eating mean to you?

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Check out our mindful eating guide that shows you food recommendations of restaurants and cafes near you, based on three major sustainable goals: environmental, healthy options, and social good.


A food business qualifies as environmental, if it genuinely cares about the planet and proves this with visible actions and efforts. For example, it aims at reducing emissions by sourcing sustainably (for example, from organic, regenerative, local, or urban farming). Plants are prioritised, minimises and promotes the end of single-use, avoids food waste, etc.

Healthy options

Do they feed you as they'd feed their own kids? For example: They use whole ingredients, not highly processed. It prioritises plants, including mushroom, seaweed, etc., over non-animal products. It limits the use of refined sugars and offers mindful sizes that will not push you to over eat. All these examples are based on scientific agreement, and not just following a specific diet or a marketing trend.

Social good

It represents social responsibility if, first of all, it respects and cares for staff. It may embraces a social enterprise model as well, gives back to the community through things like food or money donations, employing disadvantaged, or other awesome things like that.

Learn more about what is behind the food your local cafes or restaurants are serving to pick where to eat and feel great in body and mind.

You can also add your own recommendations to help others find more mindful food places. Currently, you can send us your recommendations through Insta or Face and we'll check the mindful categories (do some research if needed) and add them to the guide. Let us know if you want credits and what kind of.

If you own a food business who offers mindful eating choices and care about sustainability, farmers' and customers' wellbeing, and social good, take a look at what eatups for business offers you and get in touch.

The future of food is in our mouths.

Join the mindful eating movement!